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Instant Record Label™ is your “one-stop shop” for music-related legal documents. Our contracts set up your business and protect your music so that YOU make the money YOU deserve! Our agreements are prepared by TOP ENTERTAINMENT LAWYERS and used by labels WORLDWIDE! Buy them separately or in CHEAPER packages!


Learn More About Our Packages- Here’s What is Included

Label Package (The Essentials)

For a one-time payment of $999,
you will receive…

A USA company registration (optional);
An Artist “360 Agreement”, to tie the artist to you, exclusively;
A “Songwriter Agreement”, to own the artist’s original compositions;
“Work-for-Hire Agreements”, to own other sound recordings/compositions;
A “Songwriter Split Agreement”, to divvy-up ownership shares in compositions; and,
A “Producer Agreement”, to own the work of your producers.

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Marketing Package (Upgrade One)

For $799, you will receive…

A “Logo Design Agreement”, to own your brand’s symbol;
A “Web-Developer Work For Hire”, to own your website;
Website “Terms and Conditions”, to protect both you and your website’s users; and,
A required Website “Privacy Policy”, to explain how user information is protected.

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Music Video Package (Upgrade Two)

For $599, you will receive…

“Work For Hires”, for Video Producer/Crew, to own all work done behind the scenes;
“Work For Hire/Releases”, for On-Screen Performers, to own all on-camera performances; and
A “Music Video Location Agreement”, between you and the location owner, to own all content produced there.

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* All IRL contracts are editable PDFs; hover over each blank and fill-in the requested information.


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