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Label Package (The Essentials)

The “Artist 360 Agreement” ties your recording artist to your label.

The “Songwriter Agreement” sets up a 50/50 ownership between label and songwriter on all lyrics/music written by your songwriters. This is often called a “Publishing Agreement.” Remember to register your label as a music publisher with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC or a non-USA Performing Rights Organization.

The “Work For Hire” Agreements (“WFHs”) in your Label Package give your label full ownership of the records you produce. WFHs should be signed and retained, track-by-track, BEFORE each song is finished. To understand the difference between the forms, remember that the “composition” contains the building blocks of each song (instrumental, lyrics, melody), and the “sound recording” is everything put together and recorded. The composition and sound recording are separate pieces of property. You want to own BOTH!

The “Songwriter Split Agreement” records the percentage copyright ownership of each composition. It determines how much each songwriter collects in royalties.

The “Producer Agreement” assures your ownership of everything a producer does to make your sound recordings come to life! It also states his/her compensation.

Marketing Package (Upgrade One)

The “Logo Design Work For Hire” gives your label ownership over its signature symbol! Your label will NOT own the logo without this document.

The “Web Developer Work For Hire” assures that your label will owns its website content, and gives you final authority to accept/reject what the web-developer has created.

The Website “Terms and Conditions” is the contract between your label and anyone who visits your website. It protects you from a user who tries to sue your label on website-related legal grounds.

The Website “Privacy Policy” is REQUIRED BY LAW. It protects user rights and details how user information will be handled.

Music Video Package (Upgrade Two)

The Off-Screen and Video Producer “Work For Hire” Agreements assure that your label owns all work completed behind-the-scenes of your music video. They must be signed by everybody on the production team.

The “Audio Visual Work For Hire/Release for On-Screen Performers” grants your label ownership of all on-screen performances.

The “Music Video Location Agreement” sets up the arrangement between your label and the owner of any private property on which you’re shooting; it also grants your label ownership of the performances there.


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